Levis jeans history

Jeans first made in Genoa, Italy in the 1560’s. Normal pants worn by the navy at the time. pants are commonly referred to the French as “bleu de Genes”, which means the blue of Genoa, but first the first jeans made and used in Europe, but only as a fashion, jeans finally popularized in the U.S. by Levi Strauss, the young man who tried looking good luck to San Francisco as a draper. At that time, the U.S. was hit by gold fever.

The man who first popularized this Jeans pants with material in America was Levi Strauss. Levi is a young man who tried doing business in San Francisco to be a clothier. time in America was hit by gold fever. Profits do not get in state, trade cloth Levi Straus already sold out except for a roll of fabric to make a tent made of canvas fabric from fibers of cannabis extracts.

Then canvas to make a tent from marijuana is cut off and made into some shorts and sold to the gold mine workers in America. The result was very satisfactory, workers in gold mines really like pants made by Levi Strauss durable and not easily damaged. Strauss trying to catch the opportunity to complete the pants to be made again. famous jeans “Levis” has gained a reputation for strength and durability when made from hemp canvas.

The gold mine workers and buy pants from Levi Strauss and has been the official pants gold mine workers in America. So much so they call made Levis pants with the term “Those pants of Levi` s “which means the Levy Pants.

Levis pants sales growth, it has made entrepreneur Jakob Davis impressed and invited him to work together.

In 1880 the same work is expressed first jeans fabric in the world. Product design their first jeans were named Levi’s 501. This product is specially designed for gold mine workers. It has 5 pockets in a pair of the 2 in front, 2 in back, and one small pocket on the right front pocket.

Made a small pocket in the jeans pocket function serves as a storage pocket a small gold details – small benefit gained by the gold miners. And till now fixed Levis Jeans Pants designing the pants with small pockets in its products to remember the history of success jeans pants.

You must have also my Levi’s jeans, do not care la original or even bundle purchased from boutique or artificial.

But the satisfaction for the application of the levy’s original must have been. Looking at the current trend that is certainly interested in jeans from children up to adults was brand jeans levy’s an option. simple, beautiful, smart and durable separation.

Now there are all sorts of Levi’s boutiwou. Promotional discounts given and attractive design jeans.

In accordance with my soul’s jeans this levy its durable fabric, I have a pair of levy’s time I buy my school. until now still stand it anymore even though they do not fit but his best cloth.

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